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Hilda Daily

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Hilda is a generously proportioned redhead first brought to life in 1958 by artist Duane Bryers. His Hilda calendars were popular throughout the 60s and are still collectable today.

Hilda Daily is a community for posting Hilda pictures. Ideally, every post should contain a Hilda picture. However, some exceptions will be made for icon posts and discussion posts, as long as they have some mention of Hilda. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

If you want to post several pictures, please put all but the first behind an lj-cut. If you have a very large image, please put it behind a cut also.

Here are some places to find more pictures of Hilda:

If you're looking for general pin-up pictures, try pin_up_pics, pinupgirls and classic_pinup

Social capital

  • less than 10